NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — More than 550 restaurants in the state of Connecticut want Governor Ned Lamont to open indoor dining on June 10 instead of June 20.

A letter, written on behalf of the restaurants and the Connecticut Restaurant Association Executive Director Scott Dolch, reads in part:

“Without this earlier date, it is clear that more restaurants can and will fail in the intervening days… Right now, every day counts for our industry. Opening indoor service before the 20th will mean the difference for other restaurants, for their employees, and for our economy.”

550 restaurants coming together to say every day counts right now. Phase 2 is more than two weeks out but they want to open next week. Restaurants like Castiglios in Little Italy and Union League Cafe on Chapel Street signed their names to that letter. They have been doing outdoor patio dining since it’s approval by the governor but said it hasn’t been enough.

“I’m not getting paid,” owner of Castiglio, Trish Perrotti, said. “I’m doing this just to keep the doors open and pay the utilities and the rent and the lights, and hopefully, I’ll come out the other side.”

“One day it can be okay and the next day it’s just done,” added Romain Turpault, owner of Union League Cafe. “Not everybody is comfortable enough to come out.”

During the governor’s daily briefing on Thursday, he said he is itching to get back to eating indoors but believes it’s still too early to take a chance. 

“…I’m looking around at what’s going on in the rest of the country, we still have a COVID crisis to get through, and we’re working through,” Governor Ned Lamont said.

Perrotti said she’s scared, frightened and worried about her business that’s been in the family for 82 years.

“Please let us open sooner and open more fully than just 15%,” she said.

The state plans to release protocols for indoor dining for phase 2 on Monday.