Coronavirus Myth Busting: World Health Organization clarifies questions about the virus


(WTNH) — As the Coronavirus continues to spread, so does information about the disease. Unfortunately, some of that information is not always based in fact, and myths spread as quickly as truths – sometimes more quickly.

So, the World Health Organization has decided to play “myth buster” on some common misconceptions about the coronavirus.

First, are only older people susceptible to the Coronavirus? While they may be MORE vulnerable, Coronavirus is not limited to any age group.

Courtesy: World Health Organization

Do antibiotics help protect against the Coronavirus? No, but if you contract Coronavirus, you may receive antibiotics in the hospital.

Courtesy: World Health Organization

Along similar lines, will vaccines against pneumonia protect against the Coronavirus? No, but they are highly recommended.

Courtesy: World Health Organization

Many of the common misconceptions center around ways in which the Coronavirus can be transmitted, which is an understandable concern based on how little is currently known about the virus. Some of those questions are:

Is it safe to receive mail from China? Yes! The virus does not survive for extended periods on objects.

Courtesy: World Health Organization

Can man’s best friend, or other pets, pass Coronavirus on to their humans? That one is ‘unlikely’ for now.

Courtesy: World Health Organization

For all the World Health Organization’s latest information on Coronavirus, visit their website here.

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