NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Brace yourself. The coronavirus pandemic could have a long term impact on your physical and mental health.

Yale Medicine infectious disease specialist Dr. Jaimie Meyer says, “I’m really not surprised. This pandemic is sort of our collective trauma.”

The study led by Yale School of Public Health analyzed data of hundreds of women — survivors of Hurricane Katrina – with a range of traumatic experiences similar to what’s being reported with COVID-19.

Researchers found 12 years out – some were still dealing with issues such as post traumatic stress and general health symptoms.

Dr. Meyer says it’s a wake up call to what’s going on now.

“Really try to manage our stress and anxiety, reach out for help if you need it and try as best as you can to maintain continuity of care for your other health conditions, really engage with your health care provider even if it’s just through telehealth for now.”

COVID cases are spiking in states that have reopened.

“They reopened in a way that may have been driven more by political or economic motivation than really informed public health data,” says Dr. Meyer, who is hopeful that an uptick will not occur in Connecticut. “I feel reassured that in this state anyway, that our reopening like you said, the last in the country, it was really driven by good numbers, things going in the right direction.”

Staying vigilant about social distancing and wearing masks, she says should help keep us in the right direction.

With the country reopening, families are planning on summer vacations. Many asking — is camping safe? Yes, but do the research.

Dr. Meyer says, “You want to know about things like capacity limitations of campground sites. You want to know about shared facilities and what types of bathrooms and what types of things they are doing to clean and disinfect.”

What about renting a summer house?

Similar questions, “And understand about where it is you are going. Every state has different rules about what’s required, if people are traveling there from out of state.”

Currently, there are at least 24 states with some sort of travel and quarantine restrictions.

Florida — requires those of us traveling from Connecticut — whether driving or flying — to self quarantine for 14 days or for the length of your visit, if it’s less than that.