Could COVID restrictions return to the U.S.? Yale doctor weighs in


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — COVID-19 restrictions are being once again enacted in some other countries. Now some are wondering whether that could happen again in the United States.

Yale medicine infectious disease doctor Manisha Juthani says that will be dictated by the most recent barometer of how hospitals handle any rise in future cases.

“In Connecticut, we are in a very good place so I don’t see these restrictions coming back in our local community,” says Dr. Juthani.

As for summer travel Dr. Juthani reminds people to research their destination COVID vaccination rates.

In the many states with low vaccination rates the virus has more of a chance to jump to susceptible hosts.

“Certainly if you are vaccinated you are more protected but the more you get exposed to the virus there is a chance you could get a breakthrough infection. If you are unvaccinated you are at most risk if you go to one of these types of states.”

Now being looked at is a third COVID vaccination of the Astra Zeneca vaccine as a booster.
Dr. Juthani talked about vaccinated people getting the third COVID vaccine of Astra Zeneca as a booster.

“After six months if you got a third shot it really seems to boost your antibody response.”

She says antibodies seem to be the number one protection mechanism we have against COVID.

And many wonder what our virus landscape will look like this fall with lower humidity and people retreating indoors as it gets cold.

“Will we have been able to push it back enough and have vaccination rates high enough that we don’t need to mask again? What I am concerned about is that we have certain cities in our state where vaccination rates are much lower, in the 40 to 50% range,” says Dr. Juthani.

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