COVID Headlines: High vaccination rates in most of CT means bright future; Heart issues found in some young people vaccinated


Conn. (WTNH) — COVID Headlines: Our state is doing well when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination rates overall, but there is still a lot of coronavirus in some spots that will need work. Also, heart issues in some young people vaccinated against COVID. What is the risk of getting the vaccine?

Some very positive times ahead for us now that warmer weather and vaccines are here. Still, we’ve now got two new virus strains from animals and fear about some rare vaccine side effects.

Yale infectious disease physician Dr.Manisha Juthani says the U.S. is on its way to meeting President Joe Biden’s goal of having 70% of all people vaccinated by early July. She says there is still work to be done though, even here in Connecticut.

“Within Connecticut, there are pockets, particularly in many of our cities where vaccination rates are lower. There is still work to do. The virus is still out there, unfortunately, and you’re not safe if you’re not vaccinated,” says Dr. Juthani.

She says we do have many things in our favor right now.

“It’s beautiful out like today and people are spending a lot of time outdoors and so people are not inside in the cold and indoors where the virus circulates.”

Dr. Juthani says we are in a good place, especially if vaccination rates continue to rise, with all states getting up to the 70% vaccination rate.

“We can feel comfortable that this virus is receding once and for all this season.”

She wants all parents with kids 12 and up to get them vaccinated. Dr. Juthani points out that cases of myocarditis or inflammation of the heart after being vaccinated are extremely rare. She says if you’re going to take your chance on the virus versus the vaccine, she recommends the vaccine.

“These reports that are coming out about myocarditis seem to be short-lived and mild and people are recovering.”

Dr. Juthani points out that some young people have not done well with the virus. Deaths have been reported.

And there are now two new coronaviruses in animals, pigs, and dogs and while people did not get sick from the infection right now there are questions.

“Will it change where there will be maybe another coronavirus like SARS COV2 which has caused COVID-19? That is possible and that’s why this type of research in the field is so important to let us know about threats to come.”

She says right now there is no need to worry and that we should focus on what is in front of us: Getting out of this current pandemic through vaccinations.

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