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CT biopharmaceutical company developing possible COVID-19 treatment


SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) – The increasing number of COVID-19 deaths is intensifying efforts to come up with effective treatment.

Day after day, sobering numbers of COVID-19 are released with the virus killing and infecting more people.

Amid this crucial time, biopharmaceuticals, like NanoViricides, are intensifying efforts to find an effective anti-viral treatment.

“We have designed a Venus fly trap for viruses,” says Dr. Anil Diwain, Ph.D.

He heads up the company, using novel technology to eliminate viruses and advancing a new class of immunotheraphy drugs.

Dr. Diwan explains, “Just like a fly is attracted to the Venus fly trap flower and goes inside and the flower closes on it, our material, the virus is attracted to it and once it binds, it actually literally spills to the virus and closes onto it.”

Right now, research is promising on a drug that they are testing in the laboratory against other corona viruses.

He says, “We have not been able to test against COVID-19 itself. We have been against corona viruses. One of them binds to the same receptor as the COVID-19 does.”

Basically, the potential therapy attracts the virus which is then killed off.

With the science compelling and encouraging early results, Senator Richard Blumenthal is pushing federal agencies to considering funding it sooner than later.

“We are racing against time and against a virus that has its own time table,” he says.

Another plus is that Dr. Diwan says the possible treatment works even when a virus mutates. Addressing fears if COVID-19 reappears in the fall.

If federal funds come through, trials with humans could begin as soon as six to eight weeks.

Sen. Blumenthal says that the money is there from recently passed coronavirus relief packages and that he will be working the phones to help make that happen.

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