Does the COVID vaccine affect menstrual cycles and fertility?


(WTNH) — Seven months ago, Justina Guarino gave birth to the beautiful Sophia in the middle of the pandemic. So, when she became eligible, she was eager to get the vaccine.

“Monday, I woke up and I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I have a headache, it’s probably coming on.’ I went to the bathroom and I said, ‘Wow, that’s weird. My menstrual cycle came almost two weeks early.'”

She was among the thousands of women concerned about why their menstrual cycles have been thrown for a loop after getting the COVID vaccine and wondered whether it means anything for their health and fertility.

“I’ve also heard about this from a lot of women, a lot of my patients. There’s a lot out there on social media suggesting that it’s really true. So I’ve got to take that seriously and believe it,” Dr. Hugh Taylor said.

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Researchers are now studying this issue.

“We don’t really know. Unfortunately, we haven’t studied the changes to the menstrual cycle in any of the clinical trials,” said Dr. Taylor.

It’s hard to draw any links since changes could be the result of other factors.

“It could be a direct result of the vaccine, or it could be stress, diet, exercise. Any of the things that may surround getting the vaccine,” Dr. Taylor explained.

And these conversations among women lead to other questions.

“Is this a good reaction that my body’s having? Is this going to affect my infertility down the road, which is a concern?” Justina asked.

The doctor and CDC say no.

“I want to make it very clear that there is no impact of this vaccine on someone’s future fertility.”

Also, Dr. Taylor stressed that it is dangerous to get COVID while you’re pregnant.

“So that is a clear and present danger versus every signal we have about the vaccine right now shows that it’s safe in pregnancy and doesn’t harm fertility.”

Now if you do experience this, doctors say any changes to your cycle should be temporary, and if symptoms last longer, you should call your doctor.

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