(WTNH) — It’s important to take a closer look at just who is being hospitalized with COVID-19 right now. During Thursday’s COVID briefing, Governor Ned Lamont said it’s not the older people they are seeing hospitalized, but the younger folks not yet vaccinated.

Governor Lamont said if you are still uncertain about the vaccine, the numbers don’t lie.

“We can show you, town by town, that the correlation between vaccination and infections is direct,” Gov. Lamont said during the conference. “We can show you in terms of hospitalizations, those that are older are not being hospitalized at this point. It’s younger people there.”

Something else that supports that claim: the governor relayed that 87% of those 65 and older have been vaccinated.

In the 16-44 age group, 34% have been vaccinated. Although, the governor was quick to point out it’s only been available to them for a couple of weeks now.

Infections are higher in Western Connecticut where officials said the New York variant could be an issue. But along the shoreline, rates are much lower, and more people have been vaccinated. The governor is crediting some local health districts for taking proactive steps to get folks vaccinated.