Governor Lamont: There is no threat of coronavirus when supporting local Asian businesses, restaurants


Conn. (WTNH) — The coronavirus is making waves at home here in Connecticut. Local Asian restaurants across the state are taking a financial hit amid consumer concerns associated with the COVID-19 spread. The governor and attorney general say the risk is low and encourage consumers to support their local businesses.

CT Attorney General William Tong says Asian businesses across the state are reporting 10-30% business losses in the last couple of months.

Governor Ned Lamont and AG Tong want people at home to know there is no direct threat in supporting local Asian businesses, that it is still safe, and doing so won’t put you at risk of COVID-19.

Connecticut is on top of what is going on with Covid-19 and this virus; we have it contained. We are prepared for whatever could happen. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best but that has nothing to do with our great restaurants, our great Chinese restaurants here.

– Governor Ned Lamont (D-CT)

Governor Lamont and AG Tong ate at the Shu Chinese restaurant in West Hartford, putting their words into action. It’s something manager Jack Chiang says means a lot.

Chiang tells News 8 his restaurant – which normally booms during dinner time – has been slow since concerns of the coronavirus surfaced in the U.S.

We try our best not to fire anybody or let anybody go but we had to cut hours and it’s stressful for everybody.

– Jack Chiang/ Manager, Shu Restaurant, West Hartford

AG Tong has made a plan to support these businesses, saying it is crucial for their survival.

Some patrons are still dining despite the misconceptions.

The coronavirus doesn’t really have anything to do with local Chinese restaurants or specifically targeting Chinese people.

– Lily Luo/ Customer at Shu Restaurant

Again, the governor is assuring the public that there is no threat in supporting local Asian businesses and adds to continue taking sanitary precautions like washing your hands and disinfecting your common areas. But supporting local Asian businesses is still safe to do

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