GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Lines for COVID-19 tests in some places are raising the desire for a test that be taken and read in the home.

A team of scientists led by Guilford scientist Dr. Jonathan Rothberg has come up with that solution.

Credit: Detect test by Homodeus, Inc.

The Detect test by Homodeus, Inc. rapid home test is a molecular nasal swab test that is showing progress in trials.

“So far, the clinical studies have been 100% accurate in terms of both in detecting positives and not having false positives and not having false negatives,” said Rothberg.

“It doesn’t have the false positives because it’s exquisitely specific for just SARS COV2 virus,” he added.

While the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trials proceed, Rothberg and his team are in production, gearing up to make one million of these tests a month in the United States.

So much promise has been shown for this test that investors have put up $80 million during the pandemic.

“That 80 million dollars that we raised allows us to have the money to gear up to do ten million a month,” said Rothberg.

Homodeus, Inc. has a tent set up at 530 Old Whitfield St. in Guilford where people who do not believe they have COVID-19 have been volunteering to take the test and help them create test instructions that are very clear.

Rothberg said his family has been testing regularly with Detect and was saved twice. He now wants the rest of the world to have access to that safety, easily being able to do the nasal swab test at home and get their results in a matter of minutes.

“We are in clinical trials, we’re manufacturing, and I hope in the next 60 days for an FDA approval,” said Rothberg.

The scientist also has a therapeutic — a pill — undergoing FDA trials that he said prevents the virus from entering a person’s cells. He said the drug is already proven safe and approved for other conditions.