Health experts look to other countries to predict the impact of the COVID Delta variant


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The future of COVID-19 in the U.S. cannot be predicted perfectly, but doctors are closely watching what is happening in other countries, with the Delta variant surging.

Ninety percent of COVID cases in both the United Kingdom and Israel are that variant.

“They are probably about four weeks ahead of the United States on the epidemic curve, so we can get a window into our own future by looking at those countries,” said Dr. Perry Wilson, a Yale medicine physician.

He says California is now reporting more than 50% of its cases due to the variant as our curve rises.

Dr. Wilson says being vaccinated is going to protect you from being hospitalized or dying from coronavirus
and he recommends this:

“Tell your friends if you’ve been vaccinated if they haven’t been because those social networks, social connections, make a big difference. Tell people about your experience and get the word out; we’re not done yet.”

One positive note from the U.K. is that even with rapidly rising case rate, hospitalizations and death rates are flat, Dr. Wilson says that shows the power of vaccination: “Although we’re learning that the vaccine might not entirely prevent any and all symptoms from the delta variant it is still highly effective at preventing severe disease, hospitalizations, and death and that’s really good news.”

News 8 asked Dr. Wilson about a third booster vaccine being considered in the U.K.

The idea is that a booster shot might further boost those antibody levels to an even more protective range. Dr. Wilson says it is a reasonable idea but points out this hasn’t been scientifically tested yet.

A Yale study published Tuesday reveals that researchers have found a connection between men’s immune responses and COVID-19. It sheds light on why men are at a higher risk than women of contracting “severe cases” of COVID.

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