NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A new COVID-19 vaccine will be reviewed by FDA independent experts on Tuesday. It does not use MRNA technology, which is in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

The Novavax vaccine has been shown to be 90% effective at preventing new cases.

“The exciting thing about this is it is a more traditional vaccine, a protein-based vaccine, much like the influenza vaccine that we are all quite used to getting,” said Yale Medicine Physician F. Perry Wilson.

He said that involves giving the body a small piece of the virus protein.

“In this case, it’s the spike protein and so what the Novavax vaccine is, it’s just a bunch of spike protein in a vial with some chemicals to rev up your immune system.”

WEB EXTRA: Dr. F. Perry Wilson, Yale medicine physician and associate professor at the Yale School of Medicine, discusses COVID in Connecticut and the Novavax vaccine

One hope is that unvaccinated people and those not yet boosted would like the familiar technology.

“Would increase vaccine uptake, which is still the number one way to get this pandemic under control,” Wilson said.

But there were rare cases of the heart condition myocarditis as a side effect of the vaccine in trials.
Four events in young men.

“Those cases are still quite rare. I don’t think that the FDA will squash this vaccine based on those very rare cases of myocarditis so I would expect that we get some form of approval tomorrow,” he said.

But Wilson knows there is no predicting.