NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Many planning to travel this summer are wondering if mask mandates will return to airline and public transportation travel.

The Justice Department has made a plea to a federal appeals court aimed at bringing mandatory mask wearing back on airline travel.

Yale Medicine Physician Arjun Venkatesh said wearing masks on an airplane, mandate or not, is still just common sense.

“If I told you that you were sitting on a plane and COVID was still transmitting at a pretty high rate and somebody sitting near you may have COVID-19 and be symptomatic, you’d probably put a mask on,” he said.

Connecticut’s COVID-19 positivity rate continues to decline, while at the same time more tests are being done at home, and not reported.

“The numbers are coming down but they’re coming down slow. We’re probably still in the middle of this wave and we should anticipate, given the variant’s very transmissible, more cases in the coming weeks,” Venkatesh said.

He said hopefully we will be out of this wave by early in the summer.

WEB EXTRA: Dr. Arjun Venkatesh, chief of emergency medicine administration at Yale Medicine and associate professor at Yale School of Medicine, discusses masks, travel and vaccines for children

Kids four years and under were supposed to possibly get vaccinated later this month. First safety and efficacy must be proven.

“Hopefully that’ll happen in June and we could look for vaccination not before summer travel but before school starts in the fall,” Venkatesh said.

The world is also seeing more than 550 cases of monkeypox in 30 countries, including the U.S. While it is a virus, it is much harder than coronavirus to transmit.

“We shouldn’t anticipate a pandemic, and as sort of the White House has said, it’s something that we are likely going to get our hands around and it’s something that clinicians should be aware of but people shouldn’t necessarily worry about it in the way they worry about coronavirus,” Venkatesh said.