NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Many people are excited to celebrate Mother’s Day after the pandemic’s peaks, but with COVID-19 rates rising in Connecticut some caution is still being advised. The CDC has listed all 8 Connecticut counties in the medium or high COVID-19 level categories.

“For those that are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, moving the festivities outdoors is probably your best bet and staying safe,” says Yale Medicine physician Sharon Stoll.

Stoll points out that since vaccine protection wanes, boosters are critical to those eligible. She says they work at keeping people out of the hospital.

“The studies have shown that boosters, especially after six months of that initial two-dose MMR vaccine mandate, raises your protection and your immunities, especially now during this surge that we’re in right now in the state of Connecticut,” Stoll said.

The FDA just restricted use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to a risk of a rare and dangerous clotting condition.

“For those that are already received it, if you’re past that two-week mark, then don’t worry your safe. It is only really a significant risk or not even a significant risk, but low as one in a million for those that did receive the J&J, the blood clotting disorder that you mentioned is called thrombosis,” Stoll explains.

Some new studies from several countries are looking at a possible link between the COVID-19 virus and erectile dysfunction.

Now some studies from around the world are showing that 6 months after a COVID-19 infection some patients felt better overall, but still had dysfunction and low sperm counts.