HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A lot of people are trying to make appointments to get the COVID-19 vaccine and that’s leading to some problems. But not to worry, the state says to be patient, there are many ways to sign up.

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Governor Ned Lamont acknowledged Thursday, the Phase 1B group of people 75 and older make up nearly half the state’s population so they will continue to face some glitches and they’re asking for your patience.

Thursday, many people have been reporting issues with the state department’s website an the phone number to register for the vaccine. Our ReportIt inbox was flooded with emails about the state website going down and callers not being able to get through by phone.

The governor and his team attributing the issues to high call volume. In the coming weeks, the governor says he’s also expanding the Phase 1B group to include residents between the ages of 65 and 74 plus those age 16 to 64 with underlying health conditions.

Department of Health’s Deidre Gifford said they’ve been staffing up on the phone lines to ensure you receive a call back. She says there is an option to save your place in line and they will call you back, but it may not be the same day.

“I just encourage people that if you’re bumping into those kinds of technical glitches to just try back in a couple of hours. And as we said, patience is the watchword of the day and there will be enough vaccine eventually; we just ask you to be patient.”

The State’s COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Group, which advises on preparations and the logistics of administering a COVID-19 vaccine, met Thursday night to discuss further details about the Phase 1B rollout plan on Monday. They established Phase 1B will take about 20 weeks to complete. They are also working to get more health professionals to administer the shot.

“We are working to expand the set of providers who can administer the vaccine and specifically expand that set of providers to include medical groups, doctors offices, primary care providers who can do direct outreach to their own 75 and older populations.”

The governor’s office also releasing the information for people 75 and older to make a vaccine appointment. You can call 211, or call 877-918-2224, or register online at ct.gov/covidvaccine.