NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — This is looking like a big week ahead for vaccinations by Yale New Haven Health. Until now the system’s biggest vaccination week total was 12,000 doses.

“Our goal is to keep the state of Connecticut in the top five in the country in terms of utilization of the vaccine and percentage of the population that is vaccinated,” says Dr. Thomas Balcezak, Chief Medical Officer at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Yale New Haven Health leaders Tuesday said they’ve been told they will get 7,400 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Wednesday, in addition to their 8,000 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

As for Governor Ned Lamont talking about ‘significantly rolling back’ some restrictions in Connecticut soon, Dr. Balcezak pointed out that the nationwide drop in cases appears to be ending.

“We have seen the stalling of the drop; you see a plateauing of cases that is across the country and in our own health system,” says Dr. Balcezak.

He adds, “Yesterday and today it seems to have plateaued so I think you’re going to hear the governor and his staff, I think, probably take a pause right now and see exactly where the State of Connecticut is going.”

And Tuesday an update on how many children have been treated by Yale in the past year.

“As of March 1, we’ve seen 121 positive COVID patients that were children. Twenty-nine needed ICU care.”

Dr. Balcezak says some of those young patients had a rare inflammatory syndrome called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children or MIS-C.

“26 of those had MIS-C. 10 of them needed ICU care.” None of the children died.

Yale is also establishing a toll-free phone line for people in underserved communities to make appointments for a vaccine or to get answers to their questions. It is (833) ASKYNHH or (833) 275-9644.