NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– In the early days of this pandemic, it was thought that Covid-19 only attacked the lungs. But doctors will tell you from what they are seeing that is definitely not the case.

There’s a warning from a Yale neurology professor about blood clotting and strokes, even in young healthy people.

Assistant professor of Neurology at Yale School of Medicine, Doctor Sharon Stoll, says thirty percent of Covid patients are experiencing neurological effects.

“Anything from fatigue to loss smell loss, of taste. Those are the most common things people have been experiencing, but we’re also seeing episodes of confusion and even stroke,” said Dr. Sharon Stoll, a Yale Medicine Neurologist and Neuro-Immunologist.

Covid-19 can be very dangerous. She wants people to know doctors are now seeing more incidences of strokes, heart disease, heart attacks and leg and heart blood clots in Covid patients – and even in those without co-morbidities.

Her main concern is strokes.

“We’re even seeing it in young healthy individuals and some of these people don’t even realize they have Covid until they come to the hospital with new onset neurological symptoms,” said Stoll.

Symptoms like paralysis, weakness in one side of the body, facial droop, vision issues, and confusion.

Covid-19 can also impact the heart even after they have recovered from the virus.