NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Another variant of COVID-19 is now appearing around the globe and it has caught the attention of doctors and scientists, including those here in Connecticut.

The new C.1.2 variant could be more transmissible than current strains and even evade protection from vaccines.

The C.1.2 variant has been detected around the globe, from South Africa to the UK, China, and in New Zealand. So far not in the United States, but doctors have pointed out this pandemic is global.

“What’s concerning about this variant right now is its rate of mutation. Its rate of evolution does seem to be a little bit faster in this preliminary report than other viruses we’ve seen before,” says Yale Medicine doctor Richard Martinello.

He stresses that it is still very early in monitoring this variant.

“We’ll see that if it does become more predominant that we’ll need to check to see how well the vaccines work against it and consider whether or not there needs to be any changes to how we vaccinate and protect the public,” says Dr. Martinello.