(WTNH) — Kids younger than 12-years-old may be able to get Pfizer’s COVID shot earlier than expected. This comes as the company waits on FDA approval for kids ages 12 to 15. They’re expecting an answer as early as next week.

A new study is testing the efficacy and safety of the Pfizer COVID vaccine on children 2 to 11-years-old. Doctors say the goal is to get young kids back to school and vaccinate as much of the population as possible.

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During a 2021 earnings conference call Tuesday, CEO and Chairman Albert Bourla said he expects the company to request Emergency Use Authorization for children 2 to 11-years-old in September.

“Just like for every age group, it’s going to be very important to evaluate the info in the trials to make the appropriate decisions.”

Tom Murray, Associate Director for Infection Prevention for Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital says he hasn’t seen any data or information on how well it works on kids in that age group. But from what he’s seen in older children, the results look promising.

“I think that given the millions of doses that we’ve given to kids that are just a little bit older and young adults and they’ve done so well.”

Pfizer says they are still in the process of testing the “safety and efficacy” of the vaccine on children 6 months to 11-years-old. The question is, will parents get their kids vaccinated?

“I think it would make parents more comfortable sending their children to school, I think it would make teachers and those who work in the school environment feel very safe knowing they’re among a large group of vaccinated individuals.”

There is a trial for Moderna for younger children happening now at Yale Children’s Hospital.