NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) There is a new poll by Gallup about how people feel and are behaving in relation to COVID-19. It seems people are less worried about catching the virus and they are now taking fewer precautions like masking and social distancing.

Poll results show dwindling level concern over getting COVID-19

Marni White, PhD is a Psychologist and Epidemiologist at Yale Schools of Medicine and Public Health. She points out that the survey was done in April when things were settling down from a virus spike.

“When case rates and hospitalizations were much lower, this is a constantly changing situation and I think that a poll taken today when we know that cases and hospitalizations are rising yet again would likely yield different results,” says White.

She says more people are now masking up in public again.

She points out any lagging concern about covid is very bad for immunocompromised people.
White says they are very vulnerable with fewer masks and lack of measures like remote learning.

“Everyday life is extremely difficult for them. People who are immunocompromised describe feeling betrayed and are experiencing very high rates of depression, stress, panic and loneliness.”

White says the growing number of people now becoming infected and hospitalized with COVID-19 in Connecticut has her attention.

“I’m very concerned about hospitalizations and actually also concerned about rising infections because we do know that so many people are experiencing long covid, ” she explains.

As a psychologist, White is witnessing mental health and neurological issues with those long covid sufferers, including children.

“Now, sadly in children the psychological symptoms of long covid might even be missed or misinterpreted as behavior problems, or misattributed to situational issues instead of being recognized as a very tragic consequence of covid infection.”