NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Children ages 11 and under continue to be a group very vulnerable to COVID-19. A Yale Medicine infectious disease doctor wants to debunk the myth that COVID does not affect kids.

He says viruses seek out those who are vulnerable and do not have immunity and that age group is not yet eligible for the vaccine.

“If you think even about Connecticut, the accumulated numbers are about 25,000 individuals less than age 10 have had COVID over time, so again the concern is that children remain vulnerable to disease including potential long term effects,” says Dr. Onyema Ogbuagu.

Dr. Ogbuagu points out that COVID cases in children were on the rise before school started. He says he remains concerned that COVID cases in children and adults will continue to rise when results start showing from Labor Day weekend activities.

Health officials are now looking into whether or not some COVID cases with more severe symptoms could actually be co-infections, with two different variants together.

Lab samples have revealed different variants in the same patient. The question now is whether that causes people to be more ill.

“No surprise that it’s occurring. I mean that naturally happens with a lot of viral infections and I think we have yet to determine the true clinical significance of that finding.”

The doctor also says that those who have had COVID still need to get vaccinated. Dr. Ogbuagu had COVID survivors in his Pfizer COVID vaccine trials at Yale. He says their immunity combined with the vaccine’s protection left them with even more immunity than they had by just being fully vaccinated.