(WTNH) — When the CDC changed their isolation period back in December from 10 days to five for people exposed to COVID, that did not automatically apply to daycares.

That is why Louise Abate, who runs Cookie Monster Daycare in New Haven, said she is accustomed to picking up the phone and calling the CDC.

“If a child gets it, you have to close, you don’t have to close,” Abate said. “I just call CDC because things change on a daily basis.”

The Office of Early Childhood has now updated their guidelines to match with the CDC’s recommendations on COVID isolation for kids three and up.

“I think what we hear now out of the Office of Early Childhood Education at the state level is a lot more in line with the CDC guidance which basically says if you are not yet vaccinated and you’ve been exposed, your quarantine could be as short as five days if you could then wear a mask afterwards,” said Dr. Jaimie Meyer, a Yale infectious diseases doctor.

Abate said because guidance changes often and can be confusing, she makes the kids quarantine no matter what for five days and notifies the families. She also asks parents to reach out to their doctors to see what they recommend when it comes to the isolation period.

If you’re under Abate’s care and you’re older than three, you are wearing a mask no matter what.

“I try and change mine everyday so that they see something different,” Abate said.

Her parents appreciate the line of communication she has had with them in this difficult time.

“I think it’s good because even when Louise had COVID, she let me know right away, we got tested and I let her know right away, we have very open communication, so I think that’s very helpful as well,” one parent said.

The doctor News 8 spoke to also recommends if you are having your child isolate for five days, they should get a negative COVID test before going back to daycare.