PM Pediatrics offering antibody testing to determine if a person has been exposed to coronavirus


(WTNH) — It’s been a few weeks now since the state, Hartford HealthCare and Quest Diagnostics announced a partnership aimed at increasing coronavirus testing in Connecticut.

Now, PM Pediatrics, one of the nation’s largest providers of pediatric urgent care, is doing its part to offer antibody testing for adults and children.

If your family member is asymptomatic, an antibody test can now determine if they have been exposed to COVID-19.

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“I think right now, what the early date tells us is that children are being affected less severely, and many in fact may be asymptomatic,” said Dr. Christina Johns. “It’s certainly interesting from the pubic health perspective to have an understanding of how many children, in fact, do have antibodies and have been exposed to the virus.”

Tests are open to anyone in a single household with at least one child.

“I think it is important for us, as a public health community, for us to have some understanding of what is going on in all of our communities, and as the science progresses, I think we’re going to know even more and it will become very clear what our goals are and objections and those may change,” Johns said.

The COVID-19 antibody blood test consists of a blood sample drawn from the vein.

“If you have a positive IgG, which means that more than likely you have been exposed to the Sars COVID 2, so the COVID-19, that’s what that tells you. What it doesn’t tell you is how long you may be immune. It doesn’t tell you how long that’s gonna last. I think it’s gonna be a situation where the science is going to evolve very, very quickly, and I think soon we will know more and more about what having these antibodies means.”

People can register for the test online. Johns said people will be required to wear masks and that slots will be spaced in order to maintain social distancing.

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