SOUTH GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — The high demand for essentials at grocery stores during the coronavirus crisis has sparked a new demand for food sourced closer to home. Many shoppers are turning to their local farm for the food they may have difficulty finding at big-name grocery stores during the coronavirus pandemic.

Organic meats and produce are in high demand and at Killam and Bassette Farmstead in South Glastonbury.

“We take great pride in what we do on a regular basis and to be able to fulfill our customers’ needs at a dire time,” said Chris Bassette, Owner of Killam and Bassette Farmstead.

Bassette says they’ve been busier than ever.

“We’ve had a huge increase in our business. We’re now at a point where we put our eggs out at 10 am and we’re sold out by about 10:15 – 10:30,” said Bassette.

Bassette says her farm like so many other local farms are still working and buying local is always an option.

“Most farmers in Connecticut are family-run farms. So you’re not necessarily supporting a corporation, which that’s not a bad thing, but we as farmers in the community that our customers live in support you, your kid’s soccer teams, put the money back into the community. So the nice thing is we get to turn it full circle, put that back with the privilege of serving our customers,” said Bassette.

The State of Connecticut has a webpage dedicated to helping you find your local farmers open for business during the pandemic.