Should Connecticut students take the incoming COVID-19 vaccine?


(WTNH) — With the vaccine set to arrive in Connecticut in ten days for frontline workers, what about school-aged children? Should they get the vaccine?

So what age group are we talking about here? Elementary school? Kids in middle school or high school? Moderna and Pfizer will, with the parent’s permission, test on children at different age groups hoping to have a vaccine for mid to late summer just in time for the fall of 2021.

“Pfizer is starting in kids 12 and above and now, I believe it’s going down to 7-years-old,” Dr. John Schreiber, Connecticut Children’s.

Next week, Pfizer is expected to release its entire study on their COVID vaccine including side effects in adults, side effects similar to the flu.

“You get it over four weeks with two doses and the second dose, people have reported of aches and pains and a low-grade fever and arm hurting. So that is about it, and I haven’t seen any serious reactions, but we haven’t seen the data yet,” Dr Schreiber.

So how does that translate to children given the vaccine for testing?

“I would anticipate kids might do better with the vaccine and have less side effects and they won’t even know they got the second dose, because kids often don’t show the same thing that adult people do when they get immunized. “

Doctors encourage parents to read the studies for themselves. The results for adults and children will be published on the FDA website when approved.

Doctors at Connecticut Children’s say don’t be surprised if you see two or three more vaccine companies coming forward in the next couple of months, as they need to have a lot of product out there especially when it comes to children.

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