(WTNH) — A new study could change the way people feel about going to the gym during the pandemic.

The report indicated that people are catching COVID-19 in smaller, more crowded places, like gyms.

“I feel a little nervous,” said Veronica Williams of Bloomfield. 

There’s nothing necessarily comfortable about exercising in a mask, but for avid gym-goers, like Williams, stopping is not an option.

“I’m a cancer survivor. In order for me to maintain my body and eat healthy, is also to work out.”

The study, which was published in Nature, analyzed cell phone data for millions of Americans, tracking their movements. 

It looked at people in the top 10 metropolitan areas, so communities that are much denser than Connecticut.

Researchers from Stanford and Northwestern found that restaurants, gyms, hotels, and places of worship were among the top 10% of places that make up 80% of COVID-19 infections.

Despite the findings, many told News 8 they’re not slowing down.

“It’s not very busy when I’m in there, so I’m not really concerned,” said Ashley Johnson of Marlborough. “I’m feeling good. Everybody’s wearing a mask in there, and we all keep our distance, so it feels pretty safe in there.”

The model also suggests that infections could be reduced by more than 80% if places like gyms and restaurants were capped at 20% occupancy. Connecticut is currently at 50% in Phase 2.1.