(WTNH) — Right now, you have to be at least 16-years-old or older to get the shot. That could change in the coming months, possibly before school starts in the fall. This, as a study also raising some concerns about variants bringing the level of virus antibodies down in fully vaccinated people.

The publication Nature reveals that scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle conducted laboratory tests of the variants’ ability to “elude infection-blocking molecules called neutralizing antibodies.” The study was in a lab and has not been published or peer-reviewed.

Researchers looked at the people who “had antibodies” from people who are fully vaccinated with either the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccine.

“They looked at how those antibodies responded to the California variant, so one of these circulating variants and they basically found that antibodies had three times less of strong response against these variants, a three times weaker response,” Dr. Jaimie Meyer, Yale Medicine-Infectious Disease Specialist.

That is compared to the virus that had no mutations. Doctor Meyer calls that potentially concerning variants can invade the immune system in the “Lab.” However, she points out that so far in humans, the vaccine is “very effective” in fighting the virus. Time will tell.