HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A wake-up call in Tuesday’s COVID-19 numbers: The positivity rate in Connecticut spiked over 10%. That’s the highest it’s been since the state began widespread testing.

Experts said while we have much to look ahead to as vaccinations ramp up across the state, it is not the time to loosen the rules when it comes to this pandemic.

“The numbers are going in the wrong direction right now,” said Dr. Scott Roberts, an internal medicine doctor at Yale New Haven Hospital. “We’re seeing an increase in our testing positivity rate, an increase in cases diagnosed on a daily basis.”

Connecticut now seeing a double-digit positivity rate, just under 11%. Data shows 3,600 new cases reported since Monday.

“Some of this appears to be in spite of the measures that people are taking,” Dr. Roberts said. “Ultimately, we do know that a lot of positive tests are driven through behavioral factors.”

Behavioral factors like holiday travel and gatherings. It’s what health experts warned us about back in October. Now, experts at Yale said we’re seeing the harsh ramifications right here in the state.

“Many people who may have been infected over the holidays – such as Christmas or New Years – we won’t know they’re positive until a week or two after that and then even a week more the disease progresses and patients get hospitalized,” Dr. Roberts explained.

The stunning positivity rate comes as the CDC announced new requirements for international air travel.

Starting Jan. 26, you must present a negative COVID test in order to enter and leave the United States.

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Bradley International Airport is already working with its airlines to enforce compliance.

So, with vaccinations continuing to roll out and the pandemic changing by the day, Dr. Roberts said everyone should still remain vigilant.

“There’s a lot of fatigue out there with this pandemic dragging on, but I wanna let people know reassuringly that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Dr. Robers told News 8 mortality rates are down from where they were in the spring.

He said more and more COVID treatments have become available for patients. But again, remember to still continue doing what we’re supposed to do to stay safe: Wear your mask, social distance and wash your hands often.