(WTNH) — Is it a second wave? It depends on who you talk to, but the bottom line is the numbers are coming up and it’s happening quickly.

On Tuesday, Governor Ned Lamont announced the Connecticut COVID-19 positivity rate has increased to 4.1%, and hospitalizations increased by 22 patients. That COVID-19 positivity rate is now the highest it has been in over four months. We spent months at or below 1%; that’s where we were all summer.

We knew there was a potential for a viral resurgence when schools opened. Schools are not a major problem, though. Instead, it is what they call “informal gatherings.”

Governor Ned Lamont had some pretty strong words for people who are not following the social distancing guidelines.

Take a look at this video he tweeted out this is over the weekend at a nightclub in Bridgeport:

No social distancing, no masks, it’s tight indoors -that environment is ripe for a super spreader and this is not the first time this night club has broken the rules. The governor says they are going to go after them and go after them hard with fines and even 100% closure because they are flagrantly disobeying the rules at a time when the numbers are spiking.

“Will have to close schools close down the reopening, we are doing everything we can to allow people to get back to normal life, as safely as we can. But with that type of behavior going on it’s going to be impossible!” Gov. Lamont says.

The governor is also worried that upcoming holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, plus the onset of colder weather, are all going to cause people to spend more time indoors with other people, and that’s exactly how the virus spreads.

There is some good news. Scientists and doctors have learned a lot about this virus. New treatments and drugs make it less deadly than it was 6 months ago.

The bad news is, Yale New Haven Hospital had just a handful of COVID patients a month ago. They now have 90. 22 of them in the ICU.