SHARON, Conn. (WTNH) — The State now says it will release the number of deaths at individual nursing homes later this week. This as local communities are pushing back against Governor Ned Lamont’s plan to create COVID-19-only floors and facilities for nursing home patients.

In an Executive Order over the weekend, Governor Lamont announced several sites for those homes including in the town of Sharon.

The First Selectman there says that was news to him. He says communication from the State has been nonexistent and is creating alarm among nursing home residents and people in his town.

This as family members of nursing home patients who have died from COVID-19 continue to speak out.

We do want to help; we’re not being coarse. We want to be compassionate but we want to know what the plan is so we can circle our wagons locally and formula our own plan of how we protect ourselves in the process.

– Brent Colley / Sharon First Selectman

Keisha Johnson, a family member of a deceased COVID positive nursing home resident added, “they need to have procedures in place when something like this, an outbreak, you have to be prepared for the unknown.”

As of yet, there is no public record of which nursing homes have had the most fatalities due to the virus; that’s the list for which we’re waiting.

The numbers we have so far have been cobbled together through families, workers unions, and word-of-mouth. They show some homes have had wide-spread infection and even double-digit deaths. The State says they’re working to notify families before releasing the list later this week.