CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) — Truckers are now in high-demand with the continued and intensified need for groceries and other essentials during the coronavirus outbreak.

Drivers are working around-the-clock to make deliveries to dozens of stores across the region. Truckers are working to make sure your local grocery stores have what you need.

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With that high demand, comes new precautions in place for one local trucking company to keep drivers save while doing the necessary work.

Scott Grove, Vice President of Human Resources at Bozzuto’s Inc. in Cheshire told News 8 that it has been crazy for his company since the crisis began a few weeks ago.

“We are used to seeing this kind of demand for a day or two days before a snowstorm or perhaps a hurricane,” Grove explained, “but we’re now going on three weeks of this.”

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And Grove says it doesn’t look like the demand will ease up any time soon. With grocery stores across the country needing re-stock on common household items and groceries more often than usual.

Recently, we’re really happy the government has been working with us and really relaxed some of the regulations around driver hours of service, really to help our drivers be out there when they need to get the groceries to all our stores.

– Scott Grove, Vice President of Human Resources at Bozzuto’s Inc.

Vossil Balgiy, a driver for Northeast Transport said it simply, “people need something to eat and we do the best we can do.”

Truck drivers are doing the best they can to deliver what you need during this period of uncertainty. Officials at Bozzuto’s say the high-demand has called for new safeguards for drivers on and off the road.

Each of our drivers received a sanitation kit. One of the best things about our business is our drivers, almost all have an assigned truck so their not getting in and out of somebody’s truck all the time.

Our trucks are always washed, power washed everyday, our trailers are being sanitized and each driver has a kit with them, so all the equipment that they’re touching is always there to be wiped down and sanitized on the go.

– Scott Grove, Vice President of Human Resources at Bozzuto’s Inc.

And with the need growing, Grove says more drivers are needed to make sure their team doesn’t burn out from the job.

Bozzuto’s, like many other companies in our area, is hiring.