(WTNH) — From the classroom to the courtroom. It’s a battle over wearing face masks in schools. The state Board of Education is requiring students to wear face masks in class this fall, but some parents say that’s not going to happen.

Two Connecticut parents, one in East Lyme and one in Manchester, have filed an appeal, along with the Connecticut Freedom Alliance, asking the Connecticut Department of Education to take back its requirement that students must wear masks for in-person learning. That’s according to our partners at the Hartford Courant.

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They also want an order that the department or local school districts cannot impose a face mask requirement.

As of now, wearing face masks is one of the requirements by the state for any public school district to have for in-person learning.

News 8 spoke with Attorney General William Tong regarding the appeal Saturday.

While he can’t comment specifically on the case, Tong was able to tell News 8, “They’re wrong about that. It doesn’t infringe on their freedom. What it does it keeps us all safe and enables the state of Connecticut to protect all of us and to save lives.”

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The Connecticut Dept. of Education put out a joint statement with the Attorney General’s office on the appeal saying,

“We are reviewing the complaint and will respond in court. Masks keep people safe. Please wear your mask.”

The Connecticut Freedom Alliance tells News8 the parents who filed the appeal may be available for comment tomorrow. For now though, The Alliance gave News8 this statement late Saturday night:

“To those who say that for children to attend school without masks is placing lives at risk, our response is that the science simply does not support that belief, despite the statements of so-called public health experts who, for purely political reasons, have asserted otherwise.
In fact, we intend to submit evidence to the court demonstrating that prolonged mask wearing is harmful to children, both physically and psychologically.”