STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — Some UConn students are disappointed as the university figures out who and who will not live on the Storrs campus this fall semester.

About 1,000 students who wanted to live on campus were told there wasn’t enough room for them. So, News 8 reached out to UConn school leaders to see how the selection process worked.

They said normally they house 13,000 students, but to space everyone out, they’re down to 8,000 slots. They received about 9,000 applications for those spots. So, they considered four different categories when giving students housing:

  1. First-year students got priority.
  2. They looked at the students’ major and if they needed to be on campus for their studies.
  3. The factored students’ needs, like if they are food insecure, they got a room.
  4. Lastly, if they live far away from campus, they were able to get a slot.

That means about 1,000 students could be stuck with mom and dad for the semester like Glastonbury’s Stephanie Millicker.

“I mentally prepared myself a little bit,” said Millicker who will be a sophomore this year. “It was definitely sad to come to that realization that I’m not going to be living with all my friends anymore, but I’m hoping that I can drive to UConn once a week to visit them.”

“This is going to be a very different year at UConn,” said Mike Enright, UConn Spokesperson. “This is going to be a very different year at most schools and colleges. We don’t want to keep people away from living on campus. We’re very proud that we’re one of the largest on-campus residence programs in the country, but we came up with the final number and at the end of the day eight out of the nine students that applied for housing got it.”

Enright said students can appeal the decision as it’s all subjected to change. He also said they will be frequently cleaning common areas and no one will have a roommate this year.