NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — One side effect of COVID-19 being reported is erectile dysfunction in men infected with the virus. The New York Times recently reported a connection discovered between the condition and COVID-19.

The Times reports that a connection has been reported in hundreds of papers by scientists around the world.

Yale Medicine urologist Dr. Stanton Honig is a nationally known expert on male fertility, sexual medicine and surgery. He weighed in on male sexual function during the pandemic, pointing out that with so many more men vaccinated now, the dangers are not high for such side effects.

“In my opinion, their sexual function has less to do with the physical problem than just the emotional nature of being separated from their partners or their peers,” he said.

Early research from small studies reported by the New York Times showed that men who were unvaccinated and became infected with COVID-19 experienced erectile dysfunction, from as many as 20% to 60%.

Honig said the impact was early on in the COVID-19 pandemic with men who experienced more severe COVID-19 with high fevers, but not recently.

“It really has not affected sperm in any major way, in my opinion,” Honig said. “People should not be terrified if they have a mild case of COVID and they’re trying to get their partner pregnant.”