WESTPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — The town of Westport has declared a Local Preparedness Emergency after 20 of their residents tested positive for COVID-19 Monday.

Executive Director of the Westport Weston Public Health Department Mark Cooper announced Monday that of the 31 Westport residents who were tested for the virus, 20 of them have tested positive.

This confirms that the virus has developed a significant presence in our community and highlights the need to take a much more aggressive action to limit the spread of the virus through social contact.

– Town of Westport

Beginning at 8 p.m. Monday, March 16, the following will be in effect in Westport:

  • All restaurants, including bars, delicatessens and other locations where food and/or beverages are prepared for on-premises consumption, are prohibited from all in-restaurant and outside service. No customers are allowed inside a restaurant. Delivery of food and beverages and curb-side pick-up of food and beverages is permitted, subject to all existing laws. This prohibition does not apply to cafeterias where employers provide meals exclusively for employees and residents/patients.
  • All commercial gyms and fitness centers shall be closed.
  • All nail and hair salons and barbershops shall serve by appointment only.
  • There shall be no social or other gatherings of any sort at the Inn at Longshore.

In a statement, the town said the statute and ordinance of Local Preparedness Emergency allows “for this declaration in the event of a local emergency creating a risk of severe hazards to life, welfare or property of the Town of Westport or its residents and includes any public health crisis occurring in or adversely affecting the Town of Westport.”

More info online: www.westportct.gov/COVID19