Westport neighborhood helping each other get supplies after becoming ‘hot spot’ during coronavirus outbreak


WESTPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Green symbols of hope can be seen in the windows of homes in Westport. 

“We thought it would be very easy to start a community-based watch program,” said Erin Loranger, a Westport resident.  “And so we distributed red, yellow and green pieces of paper in people’s neighborhoods and said, ‘Hey, if everything’s okay, post green so that we know you’re good and also keep the morale up in the neighborhood.'”

Loranger started the program and has since had 30 people join the response team. 

The team monitors the neighborhood for any red signs, which means the household needs supplies, or yellow signs, which means the resident is elderly or lives alone and needs assistance.

“I think it’s great that everyone is looking out for each other,” said Mary Stewart, a 30-year resident of Westport. “Because there are times that doesn’t happen but when we need it,  people step up to the plate.” 

Westport recently became a COVID-19 hotspot as a result of a large party in the neighborhood, but residents said that there should be no judgment or blame, but rather support for one another.

“Westport has gotten this bad wrap because of this party that supposedly spread the virus but as you know, it’s spreading everywhere, unfortunately,” said Susan Iseman. “It’s a fabulous community, everyone’s very generous, everyone’s been trying to be helpful.”

Loranger said it’s that feeling of community that she wants to spread. 

“I think that’s our message to our neighbors who have COVID,” she said. “It’s no one’s fault, and we would certainly never place blame or point a finger. We just want to help them to make sure they have a healthy recovery; they feel comfortable and they can shelter in place.”

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