What activities put you more at risk of getting COVID-19


CONNECTICUT (WTNH) — Different activities put you at different risks of getting COVID-19, but which ones put you at a higher risk?

To help with that assessment, by using physician surveys, members of the Texas Medical Association made an activity risk chart.

They found that activities like opening the mail or getting take out are low risk, while working out at the gym or going to a bar are considered high risk.

Doctor Jaimie Meyer, Yale Medicine Infectious Disease Specialist, said it’s a useful guide.

“I think it’s hard sometimes for people to do a really good risk assessment to really think about what kinds of activities are higher risk versus lower risk,” she said. “This chart is really nice because it does give some examples.”

“All of these activities in the bluish-green color are those that are either outside or where social distancing is really enabled or where there’s minimal risk because of contact of a potential contaminated surface,” she added.

She said a lot of these activities depend on where in the U.S. you are and how you do them.

“We need to continue wearing our masks and social distancing to keep those activities on the lower end.”

Meyer also said she likes that state leaders have chosen a “data-driven approach” to holding off on Phase 3, adding that most of the places in that phase are listed in the high-risk section.

“There’s sort of no way to do some of these activities safely right now; those activities that are indoors, in highly congregate settings. Lots of people and the potential for those people not to be wearing masks.”

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