Why social distancing is crucial to slowing down coronavirus


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Why is staying apart at least six feet away from each other important?

“You have to assume like I do, that everyone is infected,” Dr. Durland Fish.

Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets.

He says, “this coronavirus is transmitted directly person to person, mostly presumably directly from person to person, so distancing your contact with other people is one way to minimize transmission.”

Dr. Fish is an epidemiologist with Yale School of Public Health.

He explains, “particles are secreted into the air when you cough and how far they go is presumed to be no less than six feet, it’s probably less than that.”

Experts say staying that far away from anyone who may be infected but not showing symptoms, is effective to slowing the spread of infection.

“They can be projectiles,” says Dr. Fish. “They can land on your face or on your hands or in your eyes, and that’s how you might get infected.”

A simple step to take in this time of uncertainty.

Consider this recommendation from Dr. Fish, “If I’m in a line and somebody behind me is coughing or sneezing, I let them get in front of me. I’m a little safer with them in front of me.”

Something else to think about.

He says, “if somebody coughs or sneezes around you within 6 feet in situations you can’t help, maybe you’re in an elevator or something. I will just immediately hold my breath. I’ll just stop breathing until I can get away from that person.”

It’s challenging to keep your distance but it’s all about saving lives.

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