WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — With Connecticut’s COVID-19 infection numbers still relatively low, it looks like Governor Ned Lamont is getting ready to roll back some more pandemic restrictions.

In February, the governor eased restrictions on sporting events and larger events like weddings, now he is looking to roll back the restrictions even further.

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There were no specifics of when or how far he’ll go, but people are excited about it.

Johnny Ven, a hairstylist News 8 caught up with while he was getting a pedicure at a salon in West Hartford said, “I think it’s a great idea as long as everyone is masking up getting their vaccines, we need to open up.”

Van is looking forward to the governor loosening restrictions hopefully sooner than later.

“Just to feel normal again, something even as simple as getting your nails done; we wanna get it done so long as we comply with the regulations.”

So where do we stand now?

Restaurants are at 50% capacity with 6 feet social distancing between tables with no more than eight people at a table. As far as personal services go, they are at 75% capacity, and retailers are at 50% capacity, but all of that could change on Thursday when the governor makes his big announcement.

Governor Ned Lamont said during a press conference this week, “We believe we are making progress in the war on COVID, and that is why on Thursday we will be able to make some announcements in terms of our cautious re-opening.”

Scott Dolch with the Connecticut Restaurant Association says he hopes the governor not only loosens capacity but some of the other restrictions as well.

“People travel into the city to not only see a baseball game but also eat, dine-in and stay at hotels. The hospitality industry has been hit so hard.”

But doctors at Yale New Haven Hospital said they are not seeing a sharp decline in the numbers anymore.

“We have seen the stalling of the drop; you see a plateauing of cases that is across the country and in our own health system,” said Dr. Thomas Balcezak, Chief Medical Officer at Yale New Haven Hospital. “Yesterday and today it seems to have plateaued, so I think you’re going to hear the governor and his staff, I think, probably take a pause right now and see exactly where the state of Connecticut is going.”

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But Gov. Lamont said, “We are following this very carefully and we can change course if we need to, but I have always said that our number one metric is going to be based upon capacity at the hospitals.”

And the governor also talking about loosening travel restrictions whether that is driving between states and New England or flying, how many states. How he will do it or if at all remains up in the air until Thursday.