NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut is now in a different position when it comes to COVID.

“I think we certainly have passed our peak and I think our predictions around this time really kind of held true,” said Dr. Ulysses Wu, Hartford HealthCare chief epidemiologist and system director, infectious diseases.

Wu does not think we will see another peak from seasonal flu and COVID at one, a situation that has been dubbed “flurona.”

“We have seen the rate of influenza cases start to decrease. Hospitalizations are down to three across the state. None in the ICU, none on the ventilators,” Wu said.

Wu does believe omicron cases will stay high in a sawtooth pattern of smaller ups and downs.

He does not know if we will see another COVID surge. Wu said the question is whether we will see new variants that could be more infectious but less dangerous.

“We may see an increase in cases, if that’s what we’re defining as a surge, but we’re hoping that it doesn’t lead to an increase in hospitalizations, ventilators and ICU stays,” Wu said.

On the global radar, Hong Kong plans to kill about 2,000 small animals like hamsters after some tested positive at a pet store where an employee was also infected.

The CDC says animals do not appear to play a significant role in spreading the coronavirus. However, Hong Kong authorities say they are not ruling out transmission between animals and humans.