WOODBRIDGE, Conn. (WTNH) — Amid the Coronavirus outbreak is concern over whether or not there is enough protective gear for those on the front lines. 

One Woodbridge man took matters into his own hands and is using technology to help. 

“Our business has slowed down and I was working from home,” said Yaron Baitch, Chief Information Officer at Sunset Technologies. “I had a 3D printer and just tried this idea out and then it came to the point that there was actually a significant need for this.” 

The design came from a New York company called Budmen Industries and calls for a plastic material to create the frame of the shield. 

When the three and a half hour printing process is done, Baitch assembles the full shield with elastic, foam and replaceable acetate sheets. 

“It’s a face shield that goes over their regular N95 mask and any face protection they would normally wear,” he said. “This is just another opportunity to be protected from the pathogens floating around.” 

Wednesday Baitch will bring 30 shields to local responders. Woodbridge’s Fire Department says they’re grateful for the help.

“Being a first responder, we are the first line of defense,” said Avi Laub, Public Information Officer for the Woodbridge Fire Department. “And we are the ones who are at risk the most right now other than the people at the hospitals. We still need to wear an N95 mask but they’re a huge help.”

And while these shields are useful, Laub says that masks are a priority. 

“Our current supply of face masks and PPE is very low,” he said. “So plead with the Governor’s office and plead with our government to release more masks.” 

But in the meantime, he adds that all help is welcome which Baitch is happy to give. 

“If we could give back to the community in a way that is going to help our first responders and medical professionals be safer,” he said. “That’s exactly what we’re going to do.”