(WTNH) – We could see COVID-19 boosters on a simple, yearly plan.

Later this week, the FDA may announce a new plan on how COVID boosters are rolled out. Yale Medicine Doctor F. Perry Wilson discussed what that might look like.

“It seems like they think it’s going to be a lot simpler to adopt a flu-style vaccine practice with COVID, where once a year, presumably, the vaccine is updated to match the latest strains circulating and you get your vaccine sort of all at the same time,” Dr. Wilson said.

He says both COVID and flu vaccines could be given at the same time, making it easier and increasing the acceptability of the vaccines as people try to figure out what to do.

“It just becomes part of the habit,” Dr. Wilson said. “And I think integrating COVID into that existing system might make it feel a little more routine and keep that level of immunity high enough to prevent major outbreaks.”

Another new study deals in an emerging area of science of what COVID does to the immune system.

“What they found was that after a COVID infection, particularly COVID infections that are more serious, immune cells can be depleted and dysfunctional for months, even after all the COVID symptoms have recovered,” Dr. Wilson said.

Dr. Wilson says it’s still unclear who is going to be affected by this.

“No specific tests to necessarily tell if your immune system is a little bit weakened, but it might explain why some of us have been getting sicker more often since COVID happened,” Dr. Wilson said.

A conclusion from that study, which was done in Sweden, is that antiviral drugs should be given at the earliest point of infection to keep the virus from running wild.