NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Almost daily for the past two weeks Connecticut has been experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks as the state’s positivity rate rises.

“This is all very concerning, so it appears that the second wave of infection is here,” says Dr. Oneyma Ogbuagu, Yale Medicine Infectious Disease Specialist. “It’s coinciding with schools and colleges reopening, there’s a lot more interstate traffic, leading to some of these cases as well as outbreaks within vulnerable populations.”

Dr. Ogbuagu says it is very important for people in Connecticut to keep up their guard and continue mitigation efforts like masking and distancing. As for when the second wave could peak?

“If COVID decides to mimic the flu season then we could have the spike in the winter and also early spring, which would be very concerning.”

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He says a second wave could rival the first deadly round in the spring in Connecticut.

“It’s always possible that the spike could be similar or higher than we’ve previously experienced, which would be very concerning as you can imagine.”

He says without a vaccine that risk will remain. As for what the flu season will look like, doctors are watching what countries like Australia just experienced.

“In August of 2019, they had 61,000 cases of flu reported, in August 2020 it’s 107.”

He credits that mild flu season to a record number of Australians getting the flu shot and also COVID-19 mitigation measures. But in the United States, he thinks it will depend on what level of safety each state or area is practicing. Dr. Ogbuagu encourages everyone to get a flu shot because a so-called “twindemic” could be a nightmare scenario.