Yale doctor says research your summer destination COVID-19 vaccination rate before traveling


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — With travel back on this year, many people are excited to finally get out of the house and head to a destination.

Yale Medicine‘s Dr. Jaimie Meyer advises people who are planning travel into the summer or late into the fall to think about what the COVID-19 vaccination coverage is at their destination.

“There are very wide ranges of vaccination coverage in this country,” Dr. Meyer points out.

“Some states mostly in New England have over 70% coverage where other states in the deep south and the mountain west really a minority of the population has been vaccinated to date.”

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She says all of those unvaccinated people in those areas are still at risk of infection. Young unvaccinated children are also vulnerable in areas of low vaccination rates.

“Those are the places where there will be outbreaks unless we do something differently, unfortunately,” says Dr. Meyer.

President Joe Biden called for a national month of action, with the goal to get 70% of eligible adults in the United States to have at least one vaccination by July 4.

“We’re at 63% and if we continue on our current pace we would hit about 68% by July 4 but the concern is that the pace is slowing.”

Connecticut had one day this week with zero COVID deaths. Dr. Meyer calls that a lagging indicator, pointing out that deaths can happen from a COVID infection one month prior.

“Every human life is precious so a wonderful thing to see in Connecticut hopefully that trend will continue going forward.”

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