(WTNH) – Chronic pain of all kinds impacts the lives of so many people. Managing that can be very difficult, especially if you want to avoid taking a lot of pain medication.

A Connecticut man invented a device that involves no medication and it is now so effective most major sports teams use it.

Like so many people, Greg Heisz enjoys racket sports but gets sorer than he used to. A friend showed him their BioWaveGO pain-blocking device and he got his doctor to order him one.

“It worked immediately. I would just use it for 30 minutes before I went out to play. It would take away all my pain during my play. I use it again after I came home,” Heisz said.

Connecticut resident Brad Siff, BioWaveGO’s founder and president, says it works on many aches and pains.

“It could be foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, finger, almost any part of the body,” Siff said.

Siff explains how the technology works.

“When the bio wave signal gets to the pain nerve, they actually prevent the transmission of the pain signal locally right at the nerve from traveling up to the brain,” Siff explained.

He says BioWaveGO is not like conventional electrical stimulation devices in how it works. It is FDA approved and he says it’s covered by most insurance.

Siff says patients like the convenience of at-home use.

“This is our BioWaveGO product. It’s wearable, there’s a clip you can actually clip it to your shorts or into your pocket,” Siff said.

He says a patient can get up to 24 hours of pain relief from a 30-minute treatment.

BioWaveGO is used at almost 200 VA clinics, relieving veteran’s pains. Almost every NFL, MLB, and NBA team, as well as college athletics, use the device.

“We have over 150 major college sports programs from Alabama and LSU football to UConn to Duke basketball, again, all to help keep athletes in the game,” Siff said.

The devices are most used by regular people in their homes. BioWaveGO just received Medicare approval and Siff says that sometimes people introduce the product to their doctors in order to get a prescription for it.