Doctors could be testing more than cholesterol for cardiac risk


Have you had your cholesterol checked recently? Doctors may one day test for many other types of fats in your blood. 

Checking cholesterol is one of the basic exams in every annual checkup.It is meant to determine your risk of heart disease, and if high doctors may prescribe meds to reduce the risk of cardiac disease. 

But cholesterol may not be the be-all-end-all for predicting cardiovascular risk.

Researchers in Australia conducted a study looking at a new marker in blood for predicting future cardiac events. Looking at a large database of over 9,000 patients, they identified over 100 different fats in the blood that were linked with future heart attacks and related deaths. 

These fatty structures in people’s cells and blood, are used for metabolism, for making hormones, and for digestion. In most cases, people with high levels of fat in the blood were more likely to have heart attacks, but there were also cases where people with high levels of other types of fat in the blood were less prone to these events.

Lowering your cholesterol is an important way to prevent heart disease. While you do that, doctors are looking into new blood markers that could signal additional risk. With this study, the medical community may have found something promising.

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