Doctors seeing many patients’ health suffering from sedentary lifestyles, including blood clots and vein issues


(WTNH) — With so many people working from home, doctors are seeing many patients’ health suffering from sedentary lifestyles. They’ve seen potentially dangerous, even deadly, DVT blood clots and vein issues. Some that can be avoided.

Working from home. No traveling to work or going to lunch. The pandemic has created a sedentary life for so many. Yale Medicine Vascular Doctor Angelo Marino sees some now suffering.

“Lately, I’ve been seeing people coming in and saying I’ve been seeing these veins pop out of nowhere. Whether they’re spider veins or bigger bulgy varicose veins,” Dr. Marino says.

He says COVID patients are more susceptable because the virus causes inflammation issues. The most dangerous condition for anyone is DVT or “Deep vein thrombosis,” a blood clot in deep veins in the arms or legs. Symptoms are pain swelling and redness from the clot that require immediate medical attention.

“If that blood clot breaks off and goes to your lungs that cause pulmonary embolism and that causes shortness of breath, chest pain and it can be fatal,” Dr. Marino.

Dr. Marino says sitting a lot isn’t the only cause of vein issues. Standing a lot is also bad.

Meet 80-year-old Jack Moriarity from East Hampton, the tough army veteran says he is “always” on his feet, keeping fit and busy every day. His untreated veins erupted, forcing him to get treated.

“They wanted me to walk for 20 minutes at a time twice a day for a couple of week,” Jack says.

Dr. Marino says decreasing pressure on veins lowers your risk of having vein or DVT issues. He recommends taking breaks and walk around if you can.

“You can flex your foot up and down, that will help with the blood circulation to make it go back towards your heart. Additionally, you can elevate your legs.”

So it goes back to that activity, even if it is five minutes of movement every hour. For those with ereditary vein issues, Dr. Marino also recommends compression socks, which prevent blood from pooling and clotting.

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