NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Life is brighter for Hannah, battling depression, anxiety and addiction.

“I really think I had the inability to deal with life on life’s terms,” said Hannah. “And I didn’t know how to handle that and so instead of dealing with what I was feeling inside, I needed to use or felt like I needed to use.”

After a number of in-patient care programs, AWARE Recovery Care was her lifeline.

“They came to my house, at the beginning they would meet me everyday. They kind of held my hand a little bit in my recovery and it’s individualized. It’s just me and them,” said Hannah.

Sarah Benton is Director of Clinical Services.

“Clients come out of treatment after being away for a month and that’s when the battle begins when they get home, when they have to deal with real life stressors,” said Benton.

It’s a year-long recovery that starts at home.

Benton says the personalized, immediate and managed care makes sense.

“What’s going on with this family system that is maybe preventing this client from staying sober in the past, we are also able to connect them with clinical services in the community,” said Benton.

The innovative approach caught the attention of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

“We are always looking out for new programs better outcomes than what currently exists and I think there’s a growing recognition that treatment as usual hasn’t always produced the best results,” said Dr. Brad Witte, Care Management Director.

Dr. Witte’s job is to look for improved health outcomes and increase access to care for Anthem members.

“Two thirds of the people who have started the program have either successfully completed it or remained in treatment which really is the key, keeping them in treatment for a year,” said Witte.

So that people like Hannah are back on track, living life.

Anthem members, enrolled in Aware’s program, are seeing a 76 percent success rate.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue shield is the first and only health insurance company to cover AWARE Recovery Care as in-network in Connecticut.

The hope is that more companies will follow suit with similar programs, which could help drive down overall health care costs.