Don’t believe everything you read when it comes to fad diets


(ABC NEWS) – Juice cleanses, gluten-free diets, antioxidant supplements that promise to keep us young and vital. All quick, all easy! Are they all too good to be true, as well?

Fad diets and nutritional products aren’t always supported by science.

And now, a group of doctors with the American College of Cardiology have gathered the research offering guidance on these nutritional approaches.

Their aim: to help consumers determine what works and what doesn’t for heart health.

Their take on juicing? Not so sweet. Juicing and taking away the pulp actually concentrates calories, they warn. Which means, you could be getting more calories than you bargained for, and much less fiber.

A gluten-free diet, they warn, may be sense free as well. Think twice. IF you don’t have a gluten-related medical condition, there is no science to support adhering to such a diet. In fact, some studies show gluten free diets in healthy people can lead to weight gain.

And if you really want to protect your heart, skip the antioxidant supplements. No proof they work. A real, proven heart healthy diet adds extra virgin oil, berries and green leafy vegetables to balanced meals.

Hold the juice, rice cakes, supplements and get some food you can really take to heart.

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