(WTNH) — Vaccine news is rapidly moving forward and News 8 got a look at one-way doses will be transported. A manufacturer in eastern Connecticut revealed their delivery system, and this is not the first time they have stepped up in this pandemic.

At Gilman Brothers in eastern Connecticut, we get a first look at the vaccine transport system they have created to transport COVID-19 vaccines at cold temperatures using dry ice.

Their system has already passed Army corps of engineers testing.

“It does hold the negative 75 temperature for 72 hours without a recharge that is key,” Ari Luna, Business Development Manager.

Lawmakers with praise for Gilman Brothers that was known for manufacturing foam board products before the pandemic.

“A big thank you to Gilman Brothers for stepping up at a really important time to play a really important part in helping the people of Connecticut and people across the country to receive this critical vaccination that will defeat the coronavirus,” Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz.

In the spring, Gilman Brothers produced three thousand beds and partitions for the state for a temporary covid field hospital. Now, their innovation moves forward again. The company’s president Evan Gilman is proud.

“It’s an honor and an privege to participate, to innovate, and come up with solutions that can save lives,” Evan Gilman, President, Gilman Brothers.

“We need to continue to find ways to unleash the power of our great American spirit and good old yankee ingenuity so that we can come up with solutions because that’s where it’s going to come from,” Sen. Paul Formica.

Each box can hold up to 1,000 vaccine doses. Right now, Gilman Brothers has the capacity to make 4,000 of those boxes per week, and they have a pipeline that is full and flexible to handle what the demand may grow to.